Emma Bass 2016 London

Emma and ‘Hydrangeas 8.50 am’ at the Royal Academy in London


Emma Bass is regarded as a fast-rising emerging artist with a distinctive take on life, flora and photography.  She lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

She has established a strong following with Imperfect, botanical studies which muse on the temporality of life. She recently had one of her works selected from 12,000 worldwide artists to exhibit at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016 in London.

The Imperfect photographic works are lusciously seductive, but close up the floral compositions deliver a sharp bite of reality.

Floral art is not often regarded seriously, but Bass makes an important statement by reminding us that flowers are not only beautiful to look at but also wilt, fade and die. As we all do.

Imperfect Book Cover July 2016These works show the subtle beauty of degeneration, with petals falling and stems drooping. In all of Bass’ images, whether baroque or austere, the viewer is left to ponder what the nature of beauty really is.

The Imperfect book was published by PQ Blackwell and launched in October 2014.

To find out more about Emma’s early life and influences, and how they shaped her art and career, see… More About Emma!

Emma resides in Auckland. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout New Zealand.