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Thrilled that my book Imperfect has been selected as a finalist for the Best Awards

… my creations so beautifully printed and published by PQ Blackwell.



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FIRST PUBLIC ARTWORK – “Timelapse Poppies” in Aotea Square http://emmabass.co.nz/first-public-artwork-timelapse-poppies-in-aotea-square/ http://emmabass.co.nz/first-public-artwork-timelapse-poppies-in-aotea-square/#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 04:00:53 +0000 http://emmabass.co.nz/?p=2583 [...]]]> Very excited that my first public artwork is being shown as a moving video projection on the outside of the Aotea Centre for a month from today.

This work is part of the ANZAC day commemorations in memory of the fallen soldiers.


15 April to 18 May, daily from sunset to midnight


Poppy1 Copy




Timelapse Poppies reflects the tragedy of the fallen, the hope of new generations and our role in creating a more harmonious future. Inspired by Emma’s Imperfect photographic works, Timelapse Poppies depicts the gradual degeneration and regeneration of poppies over a two minute time span in a never-ending cycle. This animated digital video will be displayed on the front of the Aotea Centre until 18 May.

Timelapse Poppies for Emma is very personal work as her own grandfather perished in a prisoner of war camp in Singapore during World War Two.

Emma was born in Liberia, lived in England and arrived in New Zealand when she was 6. She originally trained as a nurse, but her passion has always been photography. She has worked within the creative and commercial photographic industry for the past 21 years. A sought after commercial photographer, Emma still finds her artistic pursuits the most fulfilling.

Emma’s Imperfect series features beautiful arrangements of demising and imperfect flowers and flora.Imperfect is a gentle contemplation which muses upon the temporality of life, and creates and reveals another form of beauty. Most of the flowers were gathered within the gardens of Mt Eden where Emma lives with her two children Olive (13) and George (5). Her book Imperfect, a collection of her imperfect botanical arrangements, was recently published by PQ Blackwell.

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The Book Imperfect by PQ Blackwell http://emmabass.co.nz/the-book-imperfect-by-pq-blackwell/ http://emmabass.co.nz/the-book-imperfect-by-pq-blackwell/#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 03:50:52 +0000 http://emmabass.co.nz/?p=2568 Here is a link to the beautiful publication that PQ Blackwell have done for me.


It is an exquisitely printed monograph which brings out the best in my work.

Info on purchasing the book is here – http://emmabass.co.nz/imperfect-book/

Gallery14 Gallery01 Gallery03 Gallery04 Gallery05 Gallery06 Gallery07 Gallery11 Gallery12 Gallery13

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Marlborough Garden Festival 2014 http://emmabass.co.nz/marlborough-garden-festival-2014/ http://emmabass.co.nz/marlborough-garden-festival-2014/#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 03:17:54 +0000 http://emmabass.co.nz/?p=2549 [...]]]> I was honoured to be invited to present two workshops at the Marlborough Garden Festival this November.  I gave a talk and slideshow on the history of floral photography from a fine art perspective.

Met some wonderful people including fellow workshoppers Lynda Hallinan, Michael McCoy (Australia), and Julie Biuso.

Thanks for having me Blenheim!


IMG 4857

The endless vineyards at the foot of the hills …. so much choice for fine wine

IMG 4913

Gathering peonies from The Peony Patch for my workshops – in Peony heaven!!

IMG 4878

Sara Archdale from The Peony Patch … the largest varieties of peonies I’ve ever seen

IMG 4978

Wisteria madness

IMG 4981

Solomon Seal … a most intriguing plant!

IMG 4996

Clematis Nelly Moses

IMG 5005

With Lynda Hallinan, my partner in crime at the festival’s cocktail party … we had FUN

IMG 5021

Lake Timara Lodge, a spectacular setting for a cocktail party

IMG 5024

With fellow workshoppers Lynda Hallinan and Michael McCoy from Australia

IMG 5127

Jo McCarroll of NZ Gardener Magazine popped in, as did Juliet NicholasIMG 5124

 Signing books at the Blenheim Club

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The Planthunter – an Australian blog http://emmabass.co.nz/the-planthunter-an-australian-blog/ http://emmabass.co.nz/the-planthunter-an-australian-blog/#comments Sun, 16 Nov 2014 04:01:10 +0000 http://emmabass.co.nz/?p=2588 [...]]]>



A lovely piece on my work in Australia here :  http://theplanthunter.com.au/artdesign/imperfection-perfection/

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Imperfection is Perfection

 Words by Georgina Reid

Emma Bass is an artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her current series, called Imperfect, muses on the temporality of life. Emma collects plants locally, from friends gardens and roadsides, and places them in vintage vases collected obsessively over many years.

She photographs the works in her home, in natural light. The images are achingly beautiful, subtly hinting at the beauty found within decay. For Emma, the series is all about celebrating the beauty in imperfection and acknowledging the inevitable passing of life.

I would write more about this series but I have just read writer David Lyndon Brown’s review of Emma’s work on her website and my words pale in comparison. This is what he said:

‘Historically, when we encounter flowers in an art setting the response is highly prescribed. How beautiful, we sigh. It is as though we are primed for beauty and our reaction is virtually automatic. Bass has subverted that tradition. For all intents and purposes these artfully lit, poised, formal, floral compositions are exactly that – but look closer – the flowers here are starting to wilt, discolour, petals are withering, dropping, leaves are curling at the edges – these bouquets are infected with mortality.

We need to do a double take, to re-evaluate. Despite a preconception of beauty, we are suddenly confronted with temporality, imperfection and, yes, death. And don’t forget, flowers are the sexual organs of plants. When we look at a floral still-life we are in fact looking at a flagrant exhibition of genitalia. This consideration makes the thought of degeneration all the more poignant. 

In an era of glossy finishes, air-brushing and Photoshop the least imperfection is considered scandalous. Fruit, vegetables and flowers are expected to be immaculate, taste or perfume notwithstanding. But surely the beauty of these living objects lies in their transience – the fact that they will fade adds to their attractiveness.

As Leonard Cohen sings in Anthem: ‘There is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in’; as Persian weavers wove in flaws because it would be arrogant for mortals to aspire to perfection; so Emma Bass, by deftly subverting an ancient tradition, reminds us that we are human. 

David Lyndon Brown, April 2012

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The Planthunter is an online magazine devoted to celebrating plants and the varied ways humans interact with them. Plants have been inspiring, feeding, sustaining and soothing humans for aeons. The Planthunter documents and celebrates these connections.

Exploring the world outside our houses, offices, and heads, The Planthunter highlights the ties that bind us to our leafy friends in an authentic, unexpected, and creative manner. It gently coerces people to reconnect with plants.

Sharing stories of humans and their love of plants is one step towards this rather lofty goal. Celebrating the beauty and diversity of plant world is another, as is empowering people to grow and understand plants. Drawing connections between art, philosophy, food, culture, and plants is yet another. You see, once you start looking, plants and humans are inextricably linked. In fact, if plants don’t exist, humans don’t exist. It’s as simple as that.

There are plenty of websites about plants, yet there is no other website like The Planthunter. It weaves a rich story of connection and respect between humans, culture, plants and environment. It draws equally from culture and horticulture, from art and science, from beauty and botany. It is engaging, authentic and celebratory. Come hunting with us!

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Book Launch Party !! http://emmabass.co.nz/book-launch-party/ http://emmabass.co.nz/book-launch-party/#comments Wed, 29 Oct 2014 02:38:17 +0000 http://emmabass.co.nz/?p=2504 [...]]]> A fabulous party at the headquarters of PQ Blackwell … an old church … the most suitable building to launch my book Imperfect.

Very special to be surrounded by all the colourful people in my life … family, friends, colleagues,

delicious nibbles from Dawsons,

and the champagne flowed and flowed …

IMG 4526

I arranged an installation of my most special vases in the altar section of the old church

IMG 4416

IMG 4695
IMG 4702

A crowd of fine colourful people celebrated with me

IMG 4605

Speeches from Geoff Blackwell


Warwick Brown articulated his perspective of my work



Peta Mathias and Geoff Blackwell


Warwick Brown and the girls from Red Gallery (Nelson), Sarah & Caroline


Fantastic food/vino from Graham Dawson and Alex Ross (which I didn’t get to sample as I was talking too much!)


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Book Launch on 30th October at Black Asterisk http://emmabass.co.nz/book-launch-on-30th-october-at-black-asterisk/ http://emmabass.co.nz/book-launch-on-30th-october-at-black-asterisk/#comments Thu, 16 Oct 2014 09:21:27 +0000 http://emmabass.co.nz/?p=2353 The public Imperfect Book Launch is approaching … at Black Asterisk on the 30th October from 6.30 pm

here are some details …

come have a vino and I’ll sign your book!

Screen Shot 2014 10 16 At 10.17.32 PM
Screen Shot 2014 10 16 At 10.17.43 PMScreen Shot 2014 10 16 At 10.17.52 PM

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Imperfect Book Extract in NZ House & Garden magazine http://emmabass.co.nz/imperfect-book-extract-in-nz-house-garden-magazine/ http://emmabass.co.nz/imperfect-book-extract-in-nz-house-garden-magazine/#comments Thu, 25 Sep 2014 09:47:36 +0000 http://emmabass.co.nz/?p=2347 NZ House & Garden have an exclusive book extract of the much anticipated book Imperfect.

The book will be launched at Black Asterisk Gallery on October 30th.

Online pre order sales are available at http://www.blackasterisk.co.nz/store/imperfect

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Next magazine http://emmabass.co.nz/next-magazine/ http://emmabass.co.nz/next-magazine/#comments Wed, 17 Sep 2014 09:35:57 +0000 http://emmabass.co.nz/?p=2339 Emma talks about death, nursing and her Imperfect book project in Next magazine, 2014.


Screen Shot 2014 09 17 At 9.32.03 PM Screen Shot 2014 09 17 At 9.32.22 PM

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New Work – Black Asterisk Gallery (and book launch) http://emmabass.co.nz/new-work-at-black-asterisk-gallery/ http://emmabass.co.nz/new-work-at-black-asterisk-gallery/#comments Sun, 07 Sep 2014 08:12:00 +0000 http://emmabass.co.nz/?p=2327 Screen Shot 2014 09 07 At 8.14.11 PMNew work from 9th October until 8th November

Black Asterisk Gallery,

10 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby


An exhibition of new works to accompany the long awaited publication of Imperfect the book … to be launched on 30th October at Black Asterisk Gallery


Online pre purchase orders now available here http://www.blackasterisk.co.nz/store

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