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The Imperfect book is published by
PQ Blackwell and was launched on October 30, 2014.
(see photos from the launch)

It is available primarily through
Black Asterisk Gallery in Auckland.

PQ Blackwell and Black Asterisk are delighted to collaborate with award-winning photographer Emma Bass on Imperfect, the first example of the new photographer monograph format developed by photography publisher PQ Blackwell.

Emma Bass has been exploring the artistic and commercial fields of photography for twenty years. Her art has been exhibited in galleries throughout New Zealand.

At first glance her new collection Imperfect appears to be a series of formal floral compositions, but closer inspection reveals subtle flaws ­– drooping stems, wilted leaves, fallen petals – Emma’s personal reflection on the transience of beauty in a world where perfection prevails. The artist says she is drawn to the idea of elevating the humble and overlooked, the faded and forgotten.

“I think these images are very reassuring because there’s an honesty about them,” says Emma. “And hopefully they challenge the viewer’s idea of beauty. I like the notion that the closer things get to demise, the more exquisite and evocative they can become. This is a metaphorical commentary on life, which is so far from perfect… but there’s still beauty within that imperfection.”

Publisher Geoff Blackwell comments, “I’ve been an admirer of Emma’s outstanding work for over a decade and I’m truly delighted to be collaborating with her on this project. I’m confident her elegant work will make an exceptional book.”

Black Asterisk director Stuart Broughton says, “Emma’s work is enduring and evocative. The images embody a gracefulness, complementing the aesthetic of the gallery perfectly. The excitement of the form and colour in Emma’s works have always been equally matched by a strong concept – I have no doubt her work will transpose beautifully to book form.”

Imperfect is available exclusively in New Zealand from Black Asterisk Gallery. Beautifully bound in linen, each monograph features images personally selected by Emma. A special limited edition with a linen slipcase of 50 is also available as well as a special limited edition of 20 with a signed 10 x 10″ fine art print.


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