New work for the Red Fox Art Auction

August 26, 2017

It's all been bit quiet on the blog front, but behind the scenes I've been absorbed with creating a new photographic body of work called Embellish.  

This new series is about illusion.  It asks questions including whether the act of embellishment amplifies beauty, or makes something less palatable, or can it create another way of seeing the world entirely.  These works are richer, darker and more atmospheric than Imperfect which featured bruised or decaying blooms set in decorative white vases against pale backgrounds.  

I am donating the first work to the Red Fox Art auction to help raise funds for my friend Claire McLintock's cancer treatment.  A great cause!  

The full exhibition of 14 Embellish works will be shown at the Smyth Galleries, Auckland in November ... watch this space.