Interior Commissioned projects


Emma's work happily resides in hospitals, health centres, hotel lobbies, corporate head offices, boutique lodges and restaurants.

Her recent large-scale prints, photographic works and light boxes add joy, beauty and serenity to public and private spaces of all kinds and at a variety of scales.


Stretched canvas work,
Sun Kissed, 140 x 140 cm.
Lobby at The French Cafe, Auckland, 2022

Stretched canvas work,
Nimbus Blue, 140 x 230 cm.
Main dining room at The French Cafe, Auckland, 2022

Light box, CMYK, 100 x 100 cm.
Reception at Image Centre Group, Auckland, 2019

 Printing on a glass window, 84 x 104 cm.
Private residence, Auckland, 2018


Photographic framed print, Passion
Reception at Canopy Cancer Care, Auckland, 2022


Photographic framed print, Primavera

9th Floor at Auckland City Hospital, Auckland, 2016


Photographic framed print, Peonies
Reception at Mercy Hospice, Auckland, 2016


Photographic framed print, Hydrangeas
Reception at Oceania Retirement Village, Auckland, 2017


Since 2010, Emma Bass has extended her well-established career in commercial photography into a successful practice as an artist. She exhibits through galleries within New Zealand and abroad and sells her work to collectors and enthusiasts, locally and internationally, directly through her website.

Emma’s work with interior designers, hotel proprietors, architects and others has led her works to be acquired and placed into:

• Boutique accommodations, Lake Hayes, Queenstown, New Zealand, 2018
• Boutique accommodations, Onetangi Beach, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, 2018
• Boutique accommodations, Sienna, Italy (under renovation/construction), 2021
• Fine dining restaurant, Auckland, New Zealand, 2022
• Head offices, Legal company, Auckland, New Zealand, 2021
• Dental practices, Auckland, New Zealand, 2019
• Oncology Department, Auckland, New Zealand, 2021
• Maternity Unit, Auckland,  New Zealand, 2018
• Funeral homes throughout New Zealand, 2017
• Osteopathic Clinic, Auckland, New Zealand, 2017
• Private hospices throughout New Zealand, 2018

Emma has donated work to Auckland hospital and it is displayed in the hospital’s oncology, maternity and psychiatric units, cultivating peace and promoting healing and wellbeing. The therapeutic effects of flowers are documented in a study here.

In the examples listed, existing works have generally been purchased for display, however her recently developed suite of larger-scale prints on canvas, her development of increasingly large light boxes, her printing onto translucent surfaces and the development of products such as her brollies entailing fabric print, now support a varied range of applications for her vision. Emma is inspired and excited to invite you to collaborate on a unique project, perhaps a commissioned piece for a specific space or function or for your family or organisation?

Please talk to her directly about negotiating how the placement of existing artworks or commissioned works could help to enhance a project you are working on.

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