Richie McCaw got married ...

I’m mainly a fine artist these days, but every now and then I dip back into my old life of being a commercial photographer.    
I did enjoy the enormous challenge of creating imagery for TWO magazine covers and 16 page spreads of All Black great Richie McCaw’s and Gemma Flynn’s wedding in the spectacular location of Wanaka, one of NZ’s most beautiful spots.           
Weddings are a massive job and incorporate most of the photographic genres …         portraiture, reportage, fashion, still life etc. It is multitasking on a huge level!  
This particular wedding was extra challenging as the magazine was going to print that same night, so shooting, downloading, editing and sending the images all had to happen within a very pressured timeframe.            
Extremely satisfying to manage this all and see the final result on the shelves.    
Richie and Gemma, you were a pleasure to photograph!



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