A Little Garden - Artis Gallery, NZ

October 09, 2019

A Little Garden - Artis Gallery, NZ

A new trajectory - I'm thrilled to be showing a new body of work I've been developing over the past two years;  
A Little Garden at Artis Gallery 

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"It’s always a delight to see the love affair between an artist and their medium and it’s a thrill to catch it in infancy and watch it grow. Looking at Emma Bass’s latest series, in comparison to her previous, it’s impossible to ignore the sharp right turn the artist has taken from her visual arc.

Bass’s latest body of work blurs the boundaries between painting, photography and collage. Her new floral portraits present themselves as referential explosions of delight, paying homage to the artists whose practice has resonated with her holistically.

These new works are surface-aware and have an acutely tactile finish. Her beloved Dutch paintings now provide the visual backdrop, becoming the canvas upon which she lays her pollen – gilded 23k gold leaf Matisse cut-outs, that dance over the surface. She is layering her bouquets rather than arranging them, adding to the flowers with visual references that reflect her creative journey."

 (Words by Aimée Ralfini)

A Little Garden 
Opening: Tuesday 25 February 5.30 pm 
Exhibition: 25 February – 15 March 2020 
280 Parnell Road Auckland New Zealand


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