'Not Just Flowers' - The Vivian Gallery, NZ

March 28, 2017

'Not Just Flowers' - The Vivian Gallery, NZ

The Vivian Flower Show opened on the 5th March and will be closing on Sunday 10th April. It is a glorious show not to be missed. The gallery is full of art works that reflect the wonder of nature.  Historicallly flowers have been depicted in art and objects across cultures and continents, they link humanity together in a shared wonder and awe of our natural world.                  
Art has long reflected a fascination with nature and always flowers and flora. Andy Warhol explored flowers and many other themes drawn directly from nature in both his Pop Art prints and his lesser-known botanical drawings and Roy Lichtenstein screen-printed cartoonish water lilies on stainless steel. Jennifer Steinkamp digitally projected strands of blossoms across walls to magically transform an interior.        
The artist Ai Weiwei piled millions of sculpted and painted porcelain sunflower seeds for an austere installation.  Each is a testament to the flower's perennial appeal.  Georgia O’Keeffe lived and breathed her love of flowers and the incredible landscape that she chose to live in.  


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