Nature Morte - NKB Gallery, NZ

January 15, 2019

Nature Morte - NKB Gallery, NZ

I am excited to be premiering six new works in a group exhibition exploring Still Life at NKB Gallery, Auckland.  
Nature Morte explores contemporary still life practice, a genre perhaps synonymous with the 16th and 17th Century but one which has been been a constant subject throughout the history of art, its significance changing over time. 
Nature Morte takes a fresh look three contemporary artists who successfully - and often playfully - use and expand on the language of Still Life for modern audience.
7th - 26th March 
(Opening Thursday 7th March 6-8 pm)
455 Mt Eden Rd, Auckland, NZ
09 6231464
'Last Twitch'
'Stately Slide'
'Petal Cotillion'

'Paradise Found'

'A Cute Akimbo'

'Capricious Minx' 


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