Salon des Refusés - London

June 06, 2019

Salon des Refusés - London

I am very excited to be selected as part of the 8th Salon des Refusés, after being a finalist in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. In the tradition of the 19th century Parisian Salon des Refusés,  any artworks considered to be unconventional and non-establishment, were exhibited such as Manet's "Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe” painting. 

This will be the third consecutive year that I have showed in the London Summer exhibition season; firstly with my sold out work at the Royal Academy in 2016, then with a private gallery Daniel Raphael in Marylebone, and now at the Camden Image Gallery in London. 

" It’s always a delight to see the love affair between an artist and their medium and it’s a thrill to catch it in infancy and watch it grow.
These new works are surface-aware and have an acutely tactile finish.  Bass’s beloved Dutch paintings now provide the visual backdrop, becoming the canvas upon which she lays her pollen – gilded gold leaf Matisse cut-outs, that dance over the surface "  – Aimée Ralfini

Any Londoners, please feel free to join me ... details below.

12 - 15 June 2019
174 Royal College Street,
Camden, London


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