ImageNation talk

July 03, 2014

ImageNation talk

Emma was asked to talk at the Image Nation Photographic Conference in Auckland where she shared her story and her work, whilst being inspired by other speakers there as well.

 To listen Emma's speech, click on the link below to hear about her life, her passion and what inspires her.



"Phew … nailed that talk!   A fantastic event to be a part of.  Told my life journey and all the eclectic images I’ve taken along the way."

Emma was also inspired to hear some of the other talkers ….

Geoff Blackwell talking about books

Liz Ham inspirational fashion photographer from Australia 

Simon Harsent from NY who has won every single international competition … twice! 

… mesmerised  by  Melt, his iceberg images

Big thanks to Aaron K and all from the AIPA who made this fantastic photographic conference possible.  (And Nick Tressider, MC extraordinaire)

some images from the talk below ….

Simon Harsent, an extraordinary photographer from New York, and I …

Below, an article by D-Photo reviewing Emma's work after her speech at the Image Nation Photographic Conference 2014


Bass takes us on a journey of her life through photography.  After a time in London and a career in nursing, she attended Carrington Polytech, where she explored the process of layering images in art projects.  This technique of overlaying shpaes, textures, and colours has emerged at different stages of her career, including shots in a junk yard, on human bodies, and later, in her project Bloom, with flowers, rocks, and leaves over-layered onto images of pregnant women.
She injects fun into her editorial shoots capturing celebrities, interiors, and weddings.  "I like to bring out the strength of women when photographing" she remarks.
Bass is currently exhibiting work from her Imperfect Project - humble flowers and plants with failings, lit and composed simply yet, in true Emma Bass style, elegantly.
Top tip:  if you have an idea, act on it right away.


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