'The GFC' previewing in NZ

November 08, 2018

'The GFC' previewing in NZ

'The GFC (The Great Floral Crisis)' premiered in London earlier this year at the Daniel Raphael Gallery and I'm thrilled to exhibit it for the first time in NZ at the Jonathan Grant Gallery in a group show of British and NZ artists.
Gardens have been a visual source of inspiration for artists throughout the ages. From the divinely imagined works of Renaissance painters through to the Impressionists who freed their landscapes from human figures.
A Garden On The Wall‘, curated by Jonathan Grant Galleries, has been a year in the making and features works from a range of New Zealand & British artists. The exhibition explores the work of 19th century British artists such as Florence Fitzgerald & George Haité, with their romanticised depictions of gardens, and contrasts this with the often satirical work of contemporary British artist, Richard Adams. Themes of illusion and allegory are also explored in the works of New Zealand artists Ray Ching, Frances Hodgkins & Emma Bass. The exhibition explores a range of mediums, including cast glass, bronze, pastel, watercolour and oil on board works.
From 8 - 25th November
280 Parnell Rd
Ph 09 308 9125


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